"Adventures, I used to call them. I used to think that they were things the wonderful folk of the stories went out and looked for, because they wanted them, because they were exciting and life was a bit dull...But that's not the way of it with the tales that really mattered, or the ones that stay in the mind. Folk seem to have just landed in them, usually...I expect they had a lot of chances, like us, of turning back, only they didn't. And if they had, we shouldn't know, because they'd have been forgotten."

-Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just plugging along!

Our homestudy is complete, and so is our dossier save for USCIS clearance. So we are still on track! Coming up, we have some amazing Mud Love bracelets for sale. They are custom designed and so neat. We own some Mud Love products and love them. I'll post some pictures soon!