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-Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Therapies

MANY therapies can be involved for a person with cerebral palsy. Many patients utilize different therapies to reach their goals and for ongoing development.

The most used and often most important is physical therapy. The purpose of physical therapy is to stretch and lengthen muscles, reduce spasticity, and teach proper movements in limbs. Occupational therapy is also used often with CP patients in conjunction with physical therapy.

Speech and language therapies are used to help patients with speech, and also sign language.

Exercise therapy, such as swimming, is also helpful to a CP patient. I know that Alina would live in the water if she could, so we enjoy swimming at the local community center. Swimming can make movements easier, more fluid without stress or tension.

Botox is also now used with CP. Botox is used to reduce spasticity in muscles.

Every person who has a cerebral palsy diagnosis will have a treatment and therapy plan specific to their needs, and it will grow and change over time. Some therapies may only be necessary for a short time, while others are long term or lifelong, and some may only be required at certain times. Currently Alina is enjoying physical therapy, and we swim on our own time. We hope soon that she can get some services with occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about ABR therapy? It means Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation, it focuses on improving the structure and motor functions. It's performed by parents who learn the technique at trainings. And it has awesome results. I don't know if you are interested and I know your decission will be the best for Alina, no matter what kind of therapy you chose. But, just in case or if anyone is interested, I'd leave you the link http://www.blyum.com/What_is_ABR_/index.html I've read some awesome testimonies of families about it. This is the blog where I found about ABR mamaterapeuta.cl (It means "Therapist mom") It's in Spanish. Hope it helps someone.