"Adventures, I used to call them. I used to think that they were things the wonderful folk of the stories went out and looked for, because they wanted them, because they were exciting and life was a bit dull...But that's not the way of it with the tales that really mattered, or the ones that stay in the mind. Folk seem to have just landed in them, usually...I expect they had a lot of chances, like us, of turning back, only they didn't. And if they had, we shouldn't know, because they'd have been forgotten."

-Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 'baby' is 4!

Last week Anthony turned 4 yrs old! HOW did that happen? He's so big, and takes every opportunity to tell us about it too, he's very proud of 4!

We celebrated on Saturday, by taking a family day at the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St Paul. The boys were in HEAVEN! It was such a fun day, if you are in the area, you should go. The whole roundhouse is now a museum and restoration shop. They are restoring tons of old steam trains, baggage cars, caboose's, and other trains. The turntable was restored a few years ago and they used it to turn the train and caboose around while we watched! Then we got to go on a caboose ride, but the Engineer asked the boys (appropriately dressed in head to to railroad gear) to ride up in the cab of the train with him! And Alexander got to drive! The looks on their faces was priceless! then Anthony got to set the brakes when the ride was over. We spent over 4 hours in the museum and restoration shop looking at trains, train cars, caboose's, and using the various simulators and other things they had set up there for kids to do.

Here is my birthday boy in a few pictures I took on his birthday.


Corinne said...

What a cutie ! Enjoy this age, before you know they are teenagers!

Maura said...

What adorable pictures! I just found your blog and I am super excited to follow your journey to your little girl. We are in the progress of adopting our son from foster care so I love hearing other peoples story's:)