"Adventures, I used to call them. I used to think that they were things the wonderful folk of the stories went out and looked for, because they wanted them, because they were exciting and life was a bit dull...But that's not the way of it with the tales that really mattered, or the ones that stay in the mind. Folk seem to have just landed in them, usually...I expect they had a lot of chances, like us, of turning back, only they didn't. And if they had, we shouldn't know, because they'd have been forgotten."

-Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Better news!

Mid-January is the apparent 'goal' of getting letters signed, new processes in order, and everything to get moving again. I can only pray that its true, and it will all fall into place!

ALSO! Our home study came in the mail today! I'm so excited, it looks great, and I can't wait to add it to our dossier, and then we just need that darn I171H, and we are all.freakin.set. Can you believe it?

We got snowed in up North Tuesday, so we got to spend an extra day up at Grandma's with my sister. Tomorrow we head out again for Christmas. It'll be a long drive, but it'll be worth it! Everyone is gathering at my moms house this year for Christmas day instead of Christmas eve. The boys are so excited to be here on Christmas morning, but are already second guessing thier happiness when they learned that meant they didn't get to open gifts tonight... but had to wait until tomorrow morning! LOL!

So, Merry Christmas everyone! I pray this holiday season is our last as a family of 4, and that next year we will be a big family of 5, our sweet baby girl will be home, and we can finally add that last stocking to our row. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The program has slowed to a halt. Actually I think its moving in reverse. There are PAP's that are waiting to go back for thier 2nd trip, and have been waiting since Summer. There are lots of issues there now, lots of problems and nobody wants to do anything about them, nobody cares about them. But who suffers? The babies, the children, the ones waiting in an orphanage for a family. Its no place for a child, and every day I pray that someone over there will step up and get things going. Will realize that all these babies and children could have a home if they'd just put processes in order and SOMEONE would take the initiative to DO something. Seems they all just wait around for someone else to take care of it.

So frustration has taken over. I've tried my best to remain optimistic through this process, and even when the turmoil began, but now its just to the point where I don't understand. I don't understand how some could value those childrens lives so little. How nobody can step up and take the initiative to do something about the problem.

I continue to pray.... for the children, for the PAP's, and for everyone over there who has the power to get these children to thier families... that they will do something, they will step up, get things rolling.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So the boys have been asking to make cookies for quite some time now, and the other day at Target, little A found a package of sprinkles in the $1 isle, and he really thought he had something. So we made cookies. :)

Such intense concentration!

He only wanted the frosting!

And what happens when you lick a frosting-laden cookie

Always room for MORE sprinkles...

This is also what my floor looked like when they were done! :)

Pretty, huh!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tick tock.... tick tock...

I'm sure that the 'Fab 5' are feeling the tick tock more than I am! But we are awaiting our home study agency to get back the Adam Walsh paperwork, so they can send our home study to the FBI to match up with our I-600A.... that is ALL WE ARE WAITING FOR to complete our dossier. Its driving me batty that one friggin' piece of paperwork is all we are waiting for! I can't STAND not being in control of the paperwork. We are waiting on thier time to get it completed, and I can't stand it! :)

Mostly though, the program could use some prayers. Everyone is waiting for one position to be filled in Kyrgyzstan before things can move forward. I have these wonderful visions of our Christmas next year, as a family of five, our baby girl home. I feel it in my heart that it will happen, but I'm hesitant to let my heart do the thinking for me. :) So specific prayers for someone compliant will take that position open in Kyrgyz, that the papers will be signed correctly and quickly, and that they have some processes put in order so things can continue to move along smoothly. And that our darn paperwork from the FBI will stinkin' get here already!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful for! And also alot of prayers still being sent up hoping they get answered!

I'm thankful for my family... those two lovely little boys and my wonderful husband! We have so much, and while at times it seems we do nothing but struggle, I know we have it pretty good.

Tomorrow as we sit down for our dinner at noon, we will all be praying for our baby girl, that if she is born already that she is safe, warm, and cared for. And if she is not born yet, that God will still watch over her and her mother. We will also pray for the other children, and all the waiting parents. That this will be our last Thanksgiving without her. And as we eat our dinner, take our nap, and then head out into the back acreage to find and cut down our Christmas tree, we will all be praying that next year we can have her here with us, and continue this wonderful tradition as a family of 5.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow...

Oh who am *I* kidding! LET IT MELT! LET IT MELT! LET IT MELT! :)
Eh, I guess its not too bad. Since I'm a stay at home mom, and I don't HAVE to go anywhere when it snows, so I don't mind it as much. The boys were over the moon about it, and when Big A got home from school he was begging to get his snowpants on and get his shovel out! They had a blast 'plowing' the driveway. After the disappointment of finding out that there wasn't quite enough snow to put the plow on the four wheeler, they were content to shovel and play. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008


So most of my friends have already heard my ramblings on Real.Simple.Soap. but I thought I would give it a shout here too, as I know that people are looking for gift idea's.

Valarie at Real.Simple.Soap got my business a fairly simple way... she responded to a freecycle ad, and when she came, she brought me 3 bars of her soap, one was Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey, as a thank you.

Now my oldest son suffers from eczema. Not just dry skin, but broken, oozing, crusty skin boils. It comes and goes, but its always there, and after 6yrs of dealing with it, we had just started 'dealing' with it. He has a dairy protein allergy that stems from introduction to infant formula in the hospital nursery against my wishes. Thats another story.... but to this day, too much dairy and he is suffering, but his skin is constantly bad, even when we are diligint in keeping the dairy away.

ANYWAY I started using the soap on him, and within a week his skin was softer. Even he mentioned that his skin wasn't itchy. We continued through the 3 bars she had brought me, and whne they were gone, we were using our old soap again, and he immediately told me he was itchy again. I ordered a bunch of bars from Valarie, and they were here the next day!

Now, everyone here uses Real.Simple.Soap. Even my husband complains when we are out and he has to use commercial soap! I mentioned her soap to friends last year, and now they are all 'users' as well. I keep bars on had to use as gifts too!

She is a marvelous lady, and her soaps are phenomenal! You can visit her website at
or her blog at

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween (and new photo cards!)

Here are the boys on Halloween....

Wicked cute little train engineers! We had a blast on Halloween... we've sort of started a tradition with the neighbors out here. We hook up the trailer to the four wheeler, and all the kids (13 this year!) and adults (9 parents this year!) all pile on and we haul around out here in the country. We had beautiful weather this year, and everyone had so much fun! We stopped at 11 houses and had to be done, the kids' buckets were full! I love this 'tradition', and so do the kids!

Also, I added a few new Christmas photo cards, scroll down to the bottom to see them. Its getting to be that time of year already! I can also make Hanukkuh cards, so don't hesitate to ask! Of course these are all samples, wording and number of pictures can all be changed. If you don't see something you like, I can custom make one for you to fit your family's style. I do hope you, and your friends, find something you like!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Its in the bag baby! She emailed me the draft two days ago, and it was all good, so she sent it off to be completed by the homestudy agency. I made up the picture sheets we needed and sent those off to be printed today.. those go at the end of the homestudy for the dossier before we send it off to get state certified. My doctors appt is on Tuesday, but she went ahead and sent it off to be finalized without the letter since its coming, and its just a paper needed in the packet.

So yeah... the homestudy is D O N E! :)

As for the dossier, we are basically just waiting for all the FBI stuff, fingerprints, clearance, and the I-171H, and the completed copy of the homestudy, and then the dossier is done too! Our fingerprinting is on the 6th, so hopefully they'll book thier way through thier leg of it and get our approval back soon.

Tomorrow is Halloween. The boys are going to dress as train engineers. They already have all the garb... striped overalls, hats, lanterns, whistles, Al even found my pocket watch to use. It has Mickey Mouse on it, and the batteries are dead, but hey, to a 6yr old thats a pretty sweet prop. :) We pulled out thier plastic trick or treat pumpkins today, and carved the big pumpkin when Al came home from school, and made up the treat bags for the treaters that come to our house (we live out in the country so only get 4-5 treaters, but they sure get a bagfull when they stop here though! :))

So thats that. Homestudy... check. Dossier... almost check. A family ready for thier new daughter/sister? BIG CHECK!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yay for family pics!

What do 6yr olds think of Mom's camera?

Neither of us seen him do this, so it was pretty funny when I opened it. I guess I was too busy trying to align my remote so it wasn't visible in the pic to see big A's sarcasm!

But we did get some good ones. I'm just happy to finally have a new family picture.... its sad when a photographer doesn't have pics of her family! The last one I took was when little A was only 1yr old!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We met our social worker on Monday night. She is very nice, really laid back, talkative, she'll fit right in. And she'll be here SUNDAY AFTERNOON!

We have most of our paperwork set. I still need to get to my doctor for a visit so he can fill out the doctors letter and have it notarized (x 2, both the homestudy and the dossier need one).

You should see my folder now. I wouldn't even call it a folder... its like a trapper keeper on crack. I'll have to take a picture of it to add to this post so you can see just how much of a geek I am. But its keeping me sane. When E asks what some form is for or where it is I can say 'let me see' and finger through my post it tabs, find where I need to be, and flip it open. :)

So the homestudy home visit is on Sunday. Do you think she'll mind the miles of GeoTrax in the living room? Or the Thomas table in the kitchen piled high with coloring books, art projects, marker boxes, and Playdoh? Nah.... but you know me, the house will be spotless, my little cherubs will be dressed in coordinating clothing, and I'll stress about something that will probably wind up to be rather enjoyable.

Left to do? File I-600A with the FBI, then get fingerprints when they send us our time. Get doctors visits and reports. Notarize our post placement compliance form, statement of home ownership, and statement of income. I think thats it, and our paperwork for the homestudy is done, and we will be about 80% done with our dossier then too! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We need HOW MANY sets of fingerprints?

Oh and thats just for the homestudy? Good gravy... this homestudy is going to make the dossier compilation as easy as reading a Dr Suess book!

I continue to feel overwhelmed daily. Today I finally got ahold of the local police department only to get a lady who couldn't really understand that I needed the local PD to fingerprint us, and do our background check. She kept telling me that BCA could do that, I just needed to download the form online. Ok I HAVE that form, but I NEED the BPD to do it as well. Finally understood each other, I think. And I was told they could fingerprint from 7am-4pm, but the officer on duty may be out on a call so we may have to wait, but I can't call to see if he's in first, just come on in. Alrighty.

And then onto the other PD we need to run a background check on us, since you need to have one from every city you've lived in for the last 5yrs. This lady, while she fully understood what I was asking, was about as friendly as a mud pie. I'm a pretty chipper person, so when someone is rude to me, it makes me feel awful. And really, don't mess with someone who is currently NEEDING to get FBI, BCA, and DHS clearance. I really want my baby..... don't tick me off and ruin my chances. ;)

So my kitchen table is a neatly organized mess of paperwork. Each in its own pile with a sticky note stating what each needs, like to be notarized, or complete fingerprints, finish background check, etc.

After going through all that, I was reading our dossier requirements since we need many of the same documents for both the homestudy and the dossier, and a month ago the dossier seemed like such a daunting task. Now I'm thinking the dossier sounds GREAT!

Funny, anyone in the adoption world will probably laugh thier behinds off to know that I'm actually EXCITED to do the dossier.

But then I daydream... the paperwork is all taken care of, and we are patiently waiting for our baby girl. That makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why adoption?

Well I'm not exactly sure... really. Growing up I had two friends who were adopted, and at the time I wasn't completely sure why or how, but I got it, and it planted a seed that has stayed with me to this day. When E and I were first married, we talked about adoption and since all countries have a minimum age, we put it off to address in the future. After the birth of our 2nd son, we talked about it again, but again put it off because of the age limits in the country we had originally chosen.

When the baby turned 2, we really got down to discussing adoption. Neither of us can really describe WHY we feel to adopt. God is leading us here, as our originally chosen country gained long waits and uncertanties, I began researching other countries. Slowly we began to see doors closing... we didn't meet the requirements or the travel in country was 4-8wks.. which we just couldn't do andl eave the boys behind that long. As it began to look like we would just have to wait, suddenly Kyrgyzstan 'appeared', and our agency was there, and it all fell into place.

I used to watch the Baby Stories on tv and get all teary eyed when I'd see a mother give birth. We both long for a third child, but neither of us really has the desire to go through pregnancy again (though I'll admit I had very textbook pregnancies and easy labor/deliver with both). Today I was flipping channels at naptime while making a hat, and DIscovery Health had 'Adoption stories' on. I found myself glued to the TV, feeling what these parents were feeling.

I know, WE know, that adoption is right for us. Its still hard to explain to family and friends who question us as to why we are adopting. 'Obviously we can have kids... why not just have one more?' is something we've heard more than once.

Adoption is in our hearts, and we know our baby girl is out there, we just have to be patient until she comes into this world, and God leads us to her.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today was the first day...

.. of our journey! Today we sent in our application to our chosen agency. It was pretty overwhelming to send that envelope off, knowing we were REALLY doing it. I'm hopeful to think that in 18 months we could be home with our baby girl. 18mos.... seems like such a long time, but with the boys and all thier activities, and a few big events coming up this next year, I hope the time flies by!

Now if we can just keep our sanity through the paper chase!